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Unconditional love

Unconditional love; being loved warts and all, gently nudged to be the best you can be by wisdom personified.

Everyone needs at least one person in your life who personifies this characteristic. Unconditional becomes your rock and you learn to love yourself. Reflection becomes second nature because love is your mirror. This love makes you whole and helps you to add to others’ lives.

We are not perfect, but unconditional love embraces our imperfection.

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Crying, a sign of weakness or strength

I was created with tear ducts my creator is wise.

Crying is neither a sign of strength or weakness. It is really part of my humanity. Embracing who you are is vital.

Crying is evidence of my emotions. There are times that I laugh so hard and from my gut that I cry. I watch a movie, happy or sad, and if my emotions connect I cry. When I am frustrated I cry. .The relief after shedding a tear is tremendous. Deep pain also releases my floodgates.

Crying is a release to face the world. It tells me that I am functioning.


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The past has not place in our present or future

Acknowledging our past, living in the present and placing our future in God’s hands helps us live life to the fullest. The skeletons in our closets should never define or overwhelm us. Every negative situation recognised as a challenge will mould us into very positive people.

Continuously blaming our past for our unsuccessful present, in most cases, is really a failure to acknowledge and embrace our past, to practice self-control and take responsibility for decisions made.

Embracing oneself for who you are is really liberating.


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How old would I be if you did not remember your age?

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Three or seventy-three? It is so difficult to choose. Could be great through and it means not having to take responsibility for you actions; like jumping off the planet for a day or two.

At 3 I would probably get away with murder and would have all my years ahead of me. At 73 most of my life would be behind me. If I cannot remember that I am 73, then I will probably have Alzheimer’s. The memories of my past could still bring me vivid moments of joy.

At 3, I do not worry about my future, but at 73 I am concerned about my past and confused about my present. I pray that at both stage of my life I have someone who really loves me!!

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Life is a journey

Life is a journey of decisions. I have never calculated how many decisions I make each day, but what is important is the quality of the decision that I make. Actions have consequences. Consequences, id we dismiss wisdom and common sense, can be an excellent teacher if we allow it.

It is human nature to avoid pain but pain can be our saving grace. Escaping consequences for actions could lead to the perception that we are invincible. Allowing someone to endure the consequences of their actions could be lifesaving.



Live like there is no tomorrow

Old adage-time is of the essence. Yet procrastination is still widely supported.

The one thing that you will put off today really gets to all the other things that you did not do then and now. Many people who cannot live in the now cannot face the future beacuse their past bogs them down. Life passes us by when we dont live in the present. Live for now as there may be no tomorrow. When we live in the now, it makes us present so we can have hope for our future so…

Tell you loved one that you love them

Ask for forgiveness now..

Visit your friend in need now…

Run on the beach now…

Smell the roses…

Take a leap of faith now beacuse tomorrow may be too late.

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If not now, then when?

I had been travelling a path for a very long time. Recently I came to a crossroads where I had to decide which direction I will follow. After much thought and consideration, I chose my path.

It has not been an easy road nor has it been an easy decision choosing the path that I chose, but it was necessary to evaluate my life and know where I am going.


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